1. some pages from my scrapbook.

  2. i tend to be very impatient in the darkroom. i select the images i like from the contacts and print them all very quickly but perhaps not very carefully, which can lead to the images having scratches and dust on them. i have always printed this way and when i do try to print ‘correctly’ i become disenchanted with the image and give up. i do want my work to progress though. especially with the project which is so important to me.

    my solution to this has been to scan the prints and use photoshop to correct the mistakes. i zoom in and use the clone tool erase the dust and scratches. above is a before and after of a small area. i have 40 or so prints so had better get to work…..

  4. today i printed one of my photos extra large scale. it looks awesome! here are some scans of the test strips. the photo was shot of 3200 iso so the grain looks amazing at this size. i definitely want to do more of this.


  5. scrapbook

    i’ve started keeping a journal as well as my research sketchbook. i know i want text incorporated into this project but i’m not sure how yet. i think eventually i will have my own words in there, but i’m struggling to get them out, so for now i’m filling it with photos and quotes and song lyrics that i feel are appropriate.

    songs by al green and joni mitchell mainly.


  6. scanned negative. i’ve never scanned my own black and white negs before. i don’t think i’ve ever seen one of my black and white film photos look so clean. it’s so frustrating trying to get rid of dust and scratches in the darkroom.


  8. mirror images

    i spoke this week to ania dabrowska about my work. she liked it which was a relief as it was while listening to her talk that i first got the idea for ‘through his eyes’. she also said a looked a bit like diane arbus in some of the images! that set me off looking at arbus’ nude self portraits and led me to stumble upon these great images by stanley kubrick and frank horvat.

  10. xmas cracker photos

    the work below is my previous work and doesn’t relate to my university project this year. but it’s always nice to see what i’ve done and where my work has come from. this project is very different to my¬†usual style and themes.